Social Distanced Classes!

Social Distanced Classes!

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Now that I'm pretty much a round the clock stay at home mom, I sadly can't commit to live weekly classes at designated times.  However, I do want to invite you all to let loose with me to some fun Egyptian party music at your convenience!  Short 30-ish minute prerecorded "jams", super informal with just a warm up, some short fun combos, and quick cool down.  Good music, endorphins, hip drops and shimmies, no pressure to can't much better than that.  Not for me, anyway.

PLAYLIST and NOTES​ for the latest video, uploaded 4/9/2020

For those new to belly dance: What I call a “basic” is often known as an “Egyptian basic step.”  It’s essentially a step-touch, with the touch to the front as you lift that same hip. You can vary it with twists, chest lifts, tummy pops, reverse undulations, etc which you’ll see I did here and there.


Pan-Arabic Pop

1. Assala Nasri - Bent Akaber (“Classy Girl”)

Not Egyptian, but still rad.  <3

Shaabi (“Music of the people”, uses Egyptian balady family of rhythms)/Mahraganat

2. Ahmed Ezzat feat. Ali Samara - Mahragan Ayem Fe Bahr El Ghadr (“Swimming in a Sea of Betrayal”)


Mahraganat (translates to “festival music”.  Heavily influenced by hip hop, still maintaining Egyptian rhythms)

3. Amr 7a7a, Alaa Fifty Cent, & Sadat El Alaamy - 2a3akes ah 2at7arash la2 (“Against Harassment”)

Saidi (folkloric dance style from Upper Egypt.  I made this up pretty much on the fly, and that weird pivot/walk-walk step is usually done with an assaya/stick, fyi)

4. Upper Egypt Ensemble - Saidi Festival

Balady (Kind of interchangeable with “shaabi” in that it’s music of the ‘common folk’.)

5. Fatme Serhan - Ala Warag Il Foull (“On The Jasmine Leaves”)


6. Donia Mas`oud -  Betnadeeny Tany Leh? (“Why Are You Calling Me Again? )



7. Bosy - Habenaahom (“We have loved them”)

8. Amr El Saied - El Morgeha (“The Swing”)