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In addition to being a multi-award winning practitioner of Raqs Sharqi, Carol has extensive experience in both private and group instruction. For years, she taught cardio-bellydance as well as step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, strength training and indoor cycling classes at various fitness facilities, and now teaches bellydance workshops and private lessons. Her knowledge of body mechanics have only been augmented by her 'day job' as a licensed massage therapist.  


She especially has interest in helping people reach personal dance related goals whether it's mastering technique, developing individual style, or preparing for competition.  Need help with designing solo choreography?  Carol loves to provide choreography services as well.


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ANDAH ALEIK 6 Part Choreography Series
Parts 1, 2, and 3 now available for streaming!

"Andah Aleik" by Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Lyrics by Mohamed Hamza


This is a series of  6 pre-recorded, social-distance friendly workshops. Unlimited Access costs $12 each video or $60 for the full 6 part series.  As of March 9, 2021 Parts 1 through 3 are available and the rest are set to be released throughout 2021.

Andah Aleik (I Call You) is a composition by Mohamed Abdel Wahab filled with sweeping drama and rhythms. In this workshop series, Carol teaches a Raqs Sharqi choreography that exploits the dichotomy of control versus letting go; detailed movements of the hips and torso versus the kinetics of arabesques and free spins.

The entire choreography is roughly 8 minutes long so Carol breaks up the choreography among 6 short (45min-1.5 hours) workshops.

Each video begins with a short warmup.

Visit to register.

****As of March 12th, 2020 ALL In Person Classes CANCELLED UNTIL ****





Mixed Level Egyptian Bellydance at Asia Pacific Cultural Ctr

Thursdays 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm at Asia Pacific Cultural Center

Current session ends December 19th.  Next session begins January 16th, 2020.

2020 Schedule is as follows:

  • Winter Session January 16th - Feb 20th (6 Weeks - $72)

  • Spring Session March 12th - April 30th (8 Weeks - $96) 

$15/class walk in, or $12/class if paid all up front. Drop-ins are welcome based on availability at $15 per class at the door. Cash and major credit cards accepted.

REGISTRATION OPEN for Winter Session 1 at


Asia Pacific Cultural Center

4851 South Tacoma Way

Tacoma, WA, 98409 (Formerly South Park Community Center)



Experience the joy of Egyptian music and dance!


Belly dance as we know it has roots in folkloric and social dance forms of Egypt.  The movement vocabulary involves the whole body from head to toe and not just the 'belly'.  What separates these styles from well known Western styles (ballet, modern, jazz, etc) is liberal usage of smaller stabilizing muscles...deep hip flexors and rotators, obliques, pelvic floor, adductors.  This is what creates the more 'internal' and 'gooey' look of belly dance.  


This class covers the fundamentals of Egyptian music and bellydance for the stage ("raqs sharqi" or "dance of the east"), including its folkloric foundation.  Be prepared for the passion, elation, and joy they bring!  There is something for belly dancers of all levels as Egyptian style is a big departure from American belly dance styles.  


This class is best suited for those with some dance training or experience in dance or dance fitness but is open to all bodies.


What to bring and how to dress:

Bottle of water, small towel, a scarf to tie around your hips (no coins or beading, please!), comfortable clothing for movement (yoga and workout clothes are great). Light dance shoes that are not worn outdoors are ok and so is going barefoot.   

Details and registration here.

Workshop Topics

If you would like Carol to teach a topic not listed here, feel free to ask.


Silk Veil Workshop:  How To Fly


This workshop is about how to use a veil to add a special something to your dance that leaves your audience feeling touched and inspired.  A veil can be used for a lot more than just creating pretty shapes and frames.  Its’ unique airy quality makes it an amazing medium to express passion and emotion, as it literally outlines the energy around you as you dance, adding a fourth dimension to your performance.  Carol will share some of her favorite veil combinations to illustrate the concept of ‘flying’ or transcendance with this beautifully versatile prop.  We’ll also cover most commonly used spins and travel steps.


Beyond Pops and Locks:  Creative Drum Solo Choreography


Are you tired of seeing drum solos that consist of robotic series of pops and locks?  Drum solos can be such fun and dynamic pieces of music, it’s a shame to only express them in such a literal and linear way.  Learn a drum solo choreography that shakes things up, with interesting rhythmic changes and a not so typical movement vocabulary, including fun kicks, turns, undulations, and hairography.  


DANCE PARTY! Egyptian Shaabi

“Shaabi” means “of the people”, and typically refers to the more ‘urban’ style of Egyptian pop music. Shaabi dance became distinguished as such when belly dancers decided to include shaabi music in their sets, derived from the more homegrown, baladi style of dancing one normally would see in social settings. Go to an Egyptian wedding and you’ll hear popular, local shaabi music blasting from the DJs and people dancing up a storm. It can be raucous, cheeky, political, silly, sexual, or even nonsense. In a word, it’s FUN. In this workshop, we’ll start with an overview of basic technique and styling, a quick survey of shaabi music ‘through the ages” from the 70s to present day, then we’ll jam with short, fun combos to some of the most popular songs out of Cairo.

* What is Shaabi?


* What is Mahraganat?


* What is Balady?


Modern Egyptian Oriental Choreography


Energetic yet elegant and expressive choreography to a classic Egyptian piece of music.  We cover musicality, common rhythms, folklore, use of space, and technique to build an engaging performance to capture the hearts and minds of an audience.  Modern western elements integrated with a juicy baladi feel gives this dance an updated, contemporary feel while preserving the soul of Egyptian dance.  For the intermediate to advanced dancer, with alternate moves to accommodate varying levels of difficulty.  


Taqsim: Basic Improvisation to Instrumental Solos


Improvisation can be scary for many dancers.  This workshop demystifies the art of the Taqsim by exploring different instrument sounds, common musical concepts and progressions.  Carol teaches easy exercises to master an improvised performance,  playing with basic techniques by varying tempo, control, space, lines and energy.  We also learn to trust our gut as we listen to the music, to quiet our inner critics as we perform live.  See how improvisational dance can be the ultimate way for you to get lost in the music and express yourself!  You will leave the workshop with new confidence, embracing and loving the art of the taqsim.


Animating the Music: Dramatic Isis Wings Choreography


Isis Wings can add instant drama to any dance performance. Using original choreography to a dynamic piece of music, Carol will show you how to bring that ‘larger than life’ feeling to the stage, illustrating the music using a concept she learned from an unlikely source - her college “Intro to AutoCAD’ class. We’ll animate the music, creating 2D shapes for framing and poses, then apply direction, often 360 degrees with spins, adding volume to that shape to make it a live 3D object.





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